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Brass rimless bottlenecked case with gilding metal clad spitzer bullet.

The primer is ringed in place and its annulus has a black or dark purple lacquer seal.

The primer is ringed in.

This is certainly not current production, but it does fire at 2500 fps over the chronograph. 

The wood crate was sealed and the 25 - 20 round boxes unpacked for sale. 

This ammo is clean, with no corrosion. 

The L2A2 mark of 7.62 NATO was approved for UK service in September 1955, although production had started in February.

The cartridge as originally adopted, based on the US T65E3 experimental case and the Belgian SS67 bullet.

It was given the nomenclature L2A1.

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7.62x51 NATO 146gr. L2A2 Ball FMJ Box of 20 -

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