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Our 5.56  Frangible ReMan Ammunition on reloadable brass with uncrimped non-toxic primers.  Recommended for indoor ranges & features a lead free bullet designed to disintergrate into very small fragments when it hits steel, reducing ricochet of bullet fragments.

Our 5.56 Rifle Ammunition is designated to deliver enhanced accuracy, with increased velocities at reduced pressures. In addition, the controlled fragmentation properties of the TP  (Taper Point) allow tactical training on steel targets, which reduces splash-back and virtually eliminates damage to ¼” AR 500 steel targets. Combined with the Lead-Free technology, the ammunition is designed for both training and duty applications. Our 5.56 Rifle Ammunition is specifically designed for every day in patrol rifles.. The controlled penetration technology, combined with the fragmentation properties, reduce the potential for injury/damage from shoot through and ricochet.


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5.56 45gr. Frangible Remanufactuired by 1st Round Ammunition

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  • $25.00