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300 AAC 110gr. Frangible E Bullet.


The E Frangible Bullet employs a patented process that uses an economical and robust binder to create a brittle network that pulverizes when hitting a steel plate. All rounds are produced to meet SAMMI specifications. They also satisfy all criteria for a reduced-hazard training projectile, including FLETC and FBI specifications for frangibility. These 100% lead-free ammunition components function reliably and show no unusual wear on the weapon in long-range testing. This projectile is for supersonic application. It will need to travel faster than 2000fps to break properly. A suggested load could be 16.7gr. of WC-820. You can use load data for a 150gr. FMJ or Jacketed Soft Point projectile. This is because of the case capacity of the 300 ACC case.

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300 BlackOut {308} 110gr. E with canalure [Bag of 100]

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