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Does your range, indoor or outside, need to become non-lead? Have you or your employees tested with elevated lead levels? FrangibleBullets.Com can help eliminate these issues and ease your concerns with ricochet at your shooting site.

Do you need lead-free projectiles for non-toxic training? Would you like to carry effective duty ammunition that reduces the hazard of ricochet or collateral damage to structures or bystanders? Join the increasing number of municipal PDs, federal agencies, and knowledgeable civilians who value and rely upon the characteristics of, as Todd Jarrett calls them, the “Bullets of the Future.”

Featured products

7.62x39 110gr. RP [Box of 20]
International Cartridge’s Green Elite RP/TN uses the Copper Polymer projectile to achieve maximum accuracy with a lead-free frangible projectile. The frangible projectile allows for more range and accuracy of lead-free ammunition while maintaining the high level of duty standards. The reduced ricochet and low penetration of the ammunition is excellent for training and duty in the crowded urban environment. The ammunition is a ballistic match for the current duty ammunition and is primed with a non-toxic primer.
2300 fps

Our price: $28.02
PROTEC™ ELITE Pistol & Long Gun Light 5567

NEBO PROTEC™ ELITE HP230 uses a highly efficient, recoil-proof LED to generate 230 lumens of blinding white light. Light of this magnitude is enough to dominate an aggressor’s night adapted vision, ideal for military, law enforcement, and self-defense. The reflector lens tightly focuses the beam for long distance lighting while also producing enough light to support the user’s peripheral vision. The HP230’s batteries will produce 3 hours of continuous illumination. The compact body of the HP230 is constructed of aircraft grade anodized aluminum making it a lightweight, yet powerful light source. The HP230 is also O-ring and gasket sealed to be completely weatherproof. The HP230 features an ambidextrous On-Off switch to provide one-finger operation. This switch allows you to select 100% white light, 50% white light or defensive strobe.

Our price: $24.99
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