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Loading Data Sheet / FrangibleBullets.Com


To select the proper powder load for Frangible Bullets, a reloader will select the next larger standard lead-cored jacketed bullet in weight from a reloading manual. That weight will be the measured powder load suitable for FrangibleBullets as they are 30% lighter than lead or lead-cored jacketed bullets.

Frangible Bullet WeightJacketed Bullet Weight01/08
9mm90 gr.115 gr.
9mm100 gr.135 gr.
38 Super121 gr.150 gr.
357 SIG90 gr.115gr.
357 SIG100 gr.130gr.
380 Auto75 gr.100 gr.
38/35895 gr.125 gr.
38/357100 gr.140 gr.
38/357110 gr.158 gr.
38/357125 gr.180 gr.
40/10 mm105 gr.135gr.
40/10 mm125 gr.165gr.
10 mm150 gr.200gr.
44172 gr.225 gr.
45 ACP140 gr.185 gr.
45 ACP155 gr.200 gr.
22336 gr.46 gr.
22342 gr.55 gr.
22350 gr.65 gr.
22355 gr.72 gr.
308125 gr.168gr.
7.62x39 .311125 gr.168 gr.
45/70300 gr.400 gr.
50300 gr.400 gr.

Due to the nature of reloading, FrangibleBullets.Com cannot accept any responsibility as to how ammunition is reloaded. Injury or death can result from the use of improperly loaded ammunition. Be sure to check with experienced reloaders if you have any questions on procedures. Only a gentle taper crimp is recommended during bullet seating. Excessive crimping can fracture the bullet shank and jam your rifle, revolver or pistol.