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Frangible projectiles are made using a copper/iron metal blend that gives the product the best possible performance. These projectiles are produced into designs that are not jacketed, plated or have any surface treatment. Performance Characteristics are; - Frangible - Non Lead - Reduced Hazard - No Ricochet - Accuracy - Increased Velocity - Reduced Chamber Pressure - Decrease Bore Wear.

You should use load data for a 125gr. jacketed bullet from your loading manual. A full load data sheet with loading instructions accompanies each order.

This non-lead bullet is perfect for indoor shooting on steel as well as paper. There should be no splash back and particle size will be under 4mm. If loaded in 357 MAG cases, velocities should be held to 38 SPL levels.


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38 Special 100gr. E Frangible Flat Point [1000 count]

  • Product Code: 1673711
  • Availability: In Stock

  • $190.00